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Why this website matters!

I created this site as a request form my Children. They have heard many colorful stories from friends and family over the years about me and something I was doing somewhere and they loved hearing them. So one day my son asked me to write a book about it all and I said I could not do that because I am no writer (check all the typo's) and he said well since you build websites just make a website and start writing it all down for future generations to read.

Thats where it started, several years ago and don't have a clue how I am going to fit it all in before I die. There were so many things that happened over my lifetime that it is hard to remember them all until someone mentions something I forgot about.

So there you have it, thats why I created this website!


Being Homeless
Being homeless sucked big time, no one cares about you and everybody wishes you would go away. What ever happened to the America I heard about growing up? Seems to me most people just don't care unless they are the one in need. Police consider you trash messing up the parks, back allies and street corners. me I was someone who wanted to rise from the ashes of being homeless! Not get stuck there.


Running From Myself
I ran for over 20 years of my life, moving here and there. been everywhere in America you can go. I have hitch-hiked the USA (coast to coast) 4 times and drove a muscle car coast to coast 3 times.Took Buses, Planes and even jumped a train I had no Idea where it was going, just wanted to keep running from my dad, the system and everyone who was ever mean to me. I would never let them do what they did to me ever again, everyone was my enemy and if you were a guy I wanted to fight you to prove it.


Figuring out life
It was not until I got married for the first time did I truly start to wake up, the birth of my son was huge and so was the death of my best friend Jasper. sometimes it takes drastic measures to straighten out someone. I  was hard headed as I  needed to have a shovel smashed over my head before I got the message. Life was tough and after the divorce, It got even tougher. Little did I know my past would come haunt me.


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