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I was living in my home town back in 1981 when I got into a fight downtown and ended up spending the weekend in jail until I could get a bail hearing the following Monday morning. I don't need to go into any detail about the fight other then he was drunk, started the fight and we both ended up in jail for the weekend. I will say on Monday the judge let us out with a warming. Funny thing is thats how it was back in the old days. Now days you get into a fight and everyone is going to jail and maybe even prison. what a world we live in. Back to the story. After they booked me they gave me bedding, cup and toothbrush and a comb. Then they took me to a one man cell with a big plexiglass window and a Camera. That was fun taking a shit while they watched me...

They put me in the cell the the automatic door closed behind me. The jailer left and I turned around to see my new room for the weekend. There was a table bolted to the wall with a steel stool attached to the underside of it and a deck of cards sitting on top the table. A sink toilet combo unit and a meta framed bed with a thin plastic coated mattress on it and 4-5 magazines and 1 book. I took the magazines and book and lobbed them onto the table made the bed. I rolled up the blanket to use a as a pillow and fell asleep. I was awaken to the lights coming on Saturday morning and got up and took a piss when I finished I grabbed the stack of magazines and book and laid back down waiting for breakfast. The first magazine was people magazine filled with Hollywood stars that have it made. About the time I got 1/2 way through the people magazine I heard the keys and door opening down the hall from me. Jailer yelled "Time to Eat!" and when they came to the trap door they opened it and handed me a tray of food and black coffee and juice. Juice was watered down and the coffee tasted like recycled grounds. I took the tray over to the little table bolted to the wall and ate the breakfast. I was starving.

After breakfast I put my tray back up on the flap of the trap door and went back to the bed and laid down again. several hours past playing solitaire and reading the magazines. I ate lunch and slept for maybe three more hours. I woke up took a piss and washed my face and hands. Soon the dinner cart would be coming and I would get to eat again. I laid back down on the bed and this time I grabbed the book. "The Ghost of 29 Megacycles by John Grant Fuller (Paperback edition) was the name and after reading the back cover I started to read the book. By the time I got out of Jail I had read the whole book. I did not take it with me as it was in the jail when I got there and I had to go to work and tell them why I was late. I went on with my life and never really thought about the book until Jon Bonne Ramsey died and I kept hearing the title of the book and the author in my head. I tried to put it out of my mind but could not stop thinking about that book I read 20 years again jail.

I owned a computer service business at the time and the only internet we had was14.400 external modems and not may websites to visit. I eventually google and yahoo search engines came out and I was now able to search what information was out there. I decided to find any book stores that were online and there were a few mom and pop shops across the country that sold books. So I decided to mail out some letters to several of them awaiting a response.

In the meantime I had remembered the name Willis carrier so after researching the name I found out he invented the air conditioner and was some who involved with the book. Well I ended up contacting the carrier air corp via email message and what I got back was a mime encrypted email I could not open. I contacted a friend who was a system administrator and asked if he could help me out. i sent him the file to see if he could get into it for me. Three days later James calls mean says: What does "Back off" mean? I did not understand so I asked him what was he talking about and he said that was the contents of the message. Who did you send this too he asked. I told him the carrier corporation asking about a guy names Willis Carrier who was involved in the Metascience foundation worked on  the Spiricom device from the book. I thanked James and we hung up.

I thought I would dig deeper and go talk to my friend JD who worked for a local restaurant who ran the place. Back in the Persian gulf war he was an Apache pilot who is now out of the military running a restraunt. weird how things turn out. One day a pilot the next running a restaurant... Anyways I mentioned the book the JD and he said his ex-desert stop C.O is the guy in charge of passing out book to the California colleges and he felt that he could find the book for me as well. Well he did find the book in the public archives in D.C. About 10 days went by when  I got a call from one of  the bookstores I wrote too saying they had the book and would send it to me if I would send her 5.00 in the mail. I send the money and about a week later got the book! I re-read it and was blown away that not only was this a non fiction book but the contents of the book were astounding. How comes no one has heard of this book?

This was the beginning of my obsession with the Ghost Book. But it gets weirder. I got a letter in  the mail from another bookstore that said a friend of there in Europe had a bookstore and they had a copy of the book too. I had them send it but it cost me 10.00 due over seas charges at the time. When I got the book I was blown away again. this book looked different.. There were also over 100 extra pages in this book compared to the last one I got.I thought something was fishy for sure.

I got a call about two weeks later from JD at the restaurant asking me to come in because they were having computer issues and needed some help. I booked the appointment and on the day of the appointment I went to the restaurant to see JD. I got there and they greeted me and JD asked me to go have a smoke with him on the roof.  We did not smoke in the building and the ladder was right outside the windows (fire escape). So we went up on top the building when JD grabbed me and slammed me up against a roof top air conditioner (Carrier Air Conditioner, how ironic) anyways yelled, what the fuck did you get me mixed up in? I said what are you taking about and shrugged off his grasp of my shoulders. I lit a cigarette and do did JD and he told me the followig.: he was in the office a few weeks back when his ex-desert storm C.O. paid him a visit with 2 MP's and some military brass. They took  him to an empty room at the downtown hotel the restaurant was in and questioned him for houses. He said they did everything to him except shot him up with sodium penathol (truth serum). He said he kept insisting that a guy from school asked for help doing a research paper on Willis Carrier and it was mentioned that he was involved in the spiricom device. He just kept repeating that over and over. He also told them he was not going to tell them who the kid was because he did nothing wrong wither, he was just doing a research paper on Willis Carrier and hit a dead end and JD thought he would help by contacting his old C.O. JD went on that they finally let him go and told him not to discuss this with anyone ever or they would be back.

I was blown away, but after JD and I thought about it we realized what a device like this could do, Can you imagine the implications for such a device? I left after a long winded apology to JD for getting him mixed up in this whole thing. he said no problem and would call me if they had any computer issues. I was never called back again.

here is my l sit of what this device  could do for humanity:

1. No where we go when we all die

2. If every police station in the world had one, who would commit murder?They could just turn on the device and speak to the dead person finding out who killed them.

3. Closure for people who have family or friends die and they had no-closure could now have closure.

4. Vindicate Jon Bonne Ramsey

5. Tell if is any of the religions were true

6. Unify the planet with the knowledge of life after death

I could go on and on .........

I will write the next part of the story later on.

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